Recognise any of these in your life?

  • You have a deep longing for partnership

    One that is more meaningful and enduring than anything you’ve experienced in the past - a whole new level of relationship.

  • You feel impatient to meet someone

    You’ve had enough of being ‘the single one'. It seems like everyone else is coupled up and you wonder what else you can do to make it happen for you.

  • You wonder why you meet people who are emotionally unavailable

    And why you keep getting drawn to dates or partners who just aren’t right for you in the long run.

  • You’ve found it hard to move on from a past relationship

    Still feeling attached to one or more of your exes and worried you’ll end up making the same mistakes again.

  • Online dating just isn’t authentic enough

    You’ve realised that simply going on more dates won’t solve the problem and the whole process of ‘looking for’ a new relationship doesn’t exactly bring out your best side.

  • You’re questioning whether that ‘perfect’ relationship exists at all

    You’re starting to wonder if ‘making do’ or ‘settling for someone’ is just part of the deal.

If any of this resonates, it's not a coincidence that you're reading this

So take this opportunity now, and welcome in the love life you know you deserve!

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  • Simon D.
    I was a little dubious about an online course about love - I wondered how such a vast subject could be "taught". But then, as the weeks progressed, it all clicked into place and I realised that people around me were interacting very differently with me. A few months ago I met someone and I'm so in love with her, she's an amazing woman! Thank you guys, what a good decision to do this!
    Simon D.

A conscious choice to love

Open to Love is about consciously choosing what you want in your love life and then making it happen. It’s about getting un-stuck and clearing out old patterns. Finishing with old ways of doing things that you’ve just had enough of.

Open to Love is a 9-week course that fits comfortably around your schedule. And it takes you to a place where you are so confident and content with yourself that whoever meets you there will choose you for who you really are - because you know, it’s ultimately about you. It’s about being ready to step into a new partnership where you won’t be making any compromises because… well, why would you?

When you meet someone from this new place, there’s no space for game-playing or second-guessing, for neediness or confusion. Open to Love clears the way to meet someone new and to be genuinely ready and open to that person when they come along - which they will. It gives you tools that will serve you on the whole journey - from exactly where you are now, to meeting someone, and all the way into a committed partnership.

We take your love life seriously

And we support you through it all

If you’ve ever been in a relationship then you’ll know that love isn’t all about sparkles and roses. Love can be the grittiest, most painful, beautiful, paradoxical thing we can experience. It’s core to our survival - we need love and we need to feel fulfilled in our relationships.

We take the urgency and importance of your love life seriously, and we respect the investment you’re making. The process is fun and it’s fulfilling; we’re not interested in being ‘just one more thing’ you waste your time with. The next 9 weeks promises to be a real turning point in your life.

  • Rachel K.
    Open to Love has been a real journey for me. It’s like every session reaches my inbox just when I need it. I feel how I have softened towards myself, and how I am becoming more aware of patterns that have shaped my ”love life” so far. I've been spending an hour a week on Open to Love and I am already beginning to notice real shifts in the way I think and approach life.
    Rachel K.

Open to Love is for you if you want to

  • Move on from the past - fully

    This means feeling complete and at ease with what’s happened in your past relationships. Finding forgiveness and letting go so that your next relationship can be a totally fresh start.

  • Heal old patterns

    Understand the ways your earliest experiences of love have been influencing your relationships up to this point so that you can call in the kind of relationship that truly makes you happy.

  • Create healthy new boundaries and habits

    So that when you are in a relationship, you’re connecting from a place of strength and independence.

  • Put an end to meeting ‘unavailable partners’

    Together we explore new ways to put an end to meeting unavailable partners or feeling needy in relationships.

  • Connect with your body more deeply than ever

    Expand your emotional and physical awareness. Unlock tools and reflexes that protect you from unhealthy connections and open you to more pleasure and confidence.

  • Create your new reality

    Bring to life the vision and dreams that you now dare to have - welcome in someone special from this place of being fully open to love.

If you’re looking for something that will just scratch the surface, then this course is not for you

We all know that when we keep doing the same things, we end up with the same results -
but this course is about real and lasting change

We cut to the chase, giving you the keys to dive deeper into the layers that have been blocking you in your love life. Part of what makes it exciting is that you’re finally doing what you need to do to create the shifts you’ve been hoping for.

It can be scary to finally make the changes that open you to love, but we’re in this together. You have a supported structure and a community of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you.

All aspects of this flexible course are designed to clear the way for the love life that you’ve always longed for. To create a firm foundation and a clean slate that opens the door for a new paradigm of partnership in your life.

It’s about shifting your mindset and your emotions into a more positive place. Being courageous in shifting old patterns that no longer work for you. Being willing to lift the lid on your past so that you can stop repeating it and move on with clarity.

What you'll learn in Open to Love

  • Week 1: How your past is shaping your love life today

    Discover and shift what you are holding onto from past relationships that may be blocking you in love.

  • Week 2: Break the secrets you don’t know you’re keeping

    Work with archetypes and remove your masks to create deeper connection with yourself and others

  • Week 3: The deeper truths behind your relationships

    Explore your projections and shadow to change the way your relationships work from now on.

  • Week 4: Welcoming emotions and staying fully present

    Expand your emotional awareness to change your relationship habits and allow for more depth and truth

  • Week 5: Meeting all parts of yourself

    Meet the intrinsic parts of you that have been sabotaging your love life, and learn how to get them on your side.

  • Week 6: Forgiveness and letting go

    Get fully complete with the past to move forward with a new sense of freedom and independence

  • Week 7: Fear and opening through risk

    Know your deepest motivation for wanting a relationship and move through fear to a new experience of wholeness

  • Week 8: The dating how-to with a difference!

    Work with the three keys to conscious dating to bring in the love you deserve

  • Week 9: Open to Love

    Create your new reality and bring to life the vision and dreams that you now dare to have

So who are we and how are we qualified to produce a course on love?

You may be pleased to learn that this course isn’t about a happily married couple telling you what to do with your love life.

But we have been on some epic journeys to discover the truth about love.

Having been in many challenging situations in our own love lives, we went on some epic journeys to find out if it could be different. Working with skilled teachers and practitioners around the world, we found out that things could indeed be very different and that even the deepest hurts and the craziest patterns could change.

We usually offer face-to-face workshops and one-to-one sessions - coaching and support people; guiding them to make deep shifts in their relationships and their lives. Open to Love is the result of all these years of work, bringing these experiences together to create a powerful sequence of tools and processes that create lasting change.

Gavin Bloemen


I support people with their personal growth and self-discovery using a unique blend of Vedic teachings and Jungian-based archetypal psychology. Through my work, I have given talks and facilitated workshops, empowering men and women to see the bigger picture of their lives and offering opportunities to explore and transform limiting and negative behavioural patterns. I also offer one-to-one coaching using this same technique.

Over the past 9 years I have trained in basic Shadow Work® facilitation, practised and studied in various healing disciplines including reiki, yoga and mindfulness and have learned about and explored various tantric practices with teachers from around the world.


Christina Lynch

christina-lynch-circleI support others to step into their personal power and potential. I am trained in non-violent communication and conflict resolution, holding safe spaces for open communication and deep listening. I have been working with various teachers over the past 10 years in depth psychology, energy work and sexual healing, including a two-year training in transformational leadership for women.

Holding space for people to reclaim their life force, their voices and their natural strength, I use archetype, ritual and body awareness to open up possibilities for healing. In 1:1 work I offer intuitive energy therapyhands-on healing that releases and transforms trapped emotional issues and trans-generational trauma.

  • Alixia W.
    I gained important insights about myself and my love life during this course with Gavin and Christina. It was amazing to gain such realisations about myself in a way that put things into perspective and made sense of blocks that I've been struggling with for a long time. I've done several things a little similar before, but this was on another level. They’re clearly very knowledgeable about people and what makes us all tick. Very impressed at how they conveyed such deep concepts in a way that is sensitive, appropriate and in-depth at the same time. Not sure how all that happened in the space of 9 weeks!
    Alixia W.